Fruit Of The Loin
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  1. Oh, what’s this?
  2. Hey, that’s a chubby man in cut-offs before the Eiffel Tower, one of my favorite landmarks.
  3. Inside: “See, there are things more frightening than having another birthday. Felis Natalis Tibi! ♥, Lia [insert trademark lamb caricature]”
  4. Lia has some expert wrapping skills: not too tight, yet just secure enough.
  5. Time to unwrap this puppy.
  6. Halfway there…
  7. No. Could it be?
  8. It’s Nat V-C's Mad Men Unbuttoned!

Received a parcel via USPS the other day, and I wasn’t home to accept it. Surely, someone sent me my trenchcoat, so I’m off to the post office. Enjoy the queued fact-check posts coming your way in the next few minutes!

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