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Don’t ask how I reached Jewel Staite’s Wikipedia page last night, but upon stumbling there, I remembered that she appeared in one of the most disturbing television episodes I’ve ever seen in my life. The episode, from the show The X-Files, wasn’t creepy for the supernatural element that made its many other episodes so fabulous. Rather, there was a very real, very scary premise that the show’s producers unflinchingly depicted for their fans & viewerbase—an everyday teenaged girl who is abducted in the middle of the night & then terrorized by an obsessed, sociopathic school photographer’s assistant.

The name of the episode is “Oubliette,” meaning a dungeon that’s only accessible from a hatch in a high ceiling, and in case you’re interested, Netflix lists “Oubliette” as the eighth episode in season three. The summary reads: “A woman experiences a psychic connection with a teenager held captive by a deranged man.”

"Oubliette" did a great job of subtly recalling Fox Mulder’s desperation to find his own missing sister, a storyline that haunts our sometimes delusional protagonist into a work ethic that results in either dead-ends or varying degrees of success. What I particularly loved about The X-Files was its ability to manifest both faith & reason into the working relationship between Mulder & Dana Scully. Furthermore, the weekly plots were just so captivating in their bizarre yet feasible stretches.

Tumblr is usually for shiny, pretty things, but let’s not forget that there’s a dark artistic angle that we can still appreciate—namely in the television narrative and in the actor’s craft. Not exaggerating at all when I say that this episode left a massive impact on me. The sound of camera shutter clicks just didn’t sit well with me for quite a while.

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